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Is the house I own protected by RCD’s and Smoke Alarms? And are they working correctly to help prevent Fire and Electrocution?

All Perth homeowners can find the right service and quality workmanship from the team at iCheckit Electrical. From small electrical repairs to a complete rewire, our electricians are competent and experienced to carry out the complete A-Z.

Our services include all of the following plus more:

  • General electrical repairs and maintenance
  • RCD and smoke alarm compliance checks
  • Commercial testing and tagging of equipment
  • Thermal imaging

Whether in the home or in the workplace, RCD's can only save lives if correctly checked on a regular basis. This will ensure no one will be electrocuted should there be a fault.

To ensure the minimum compliance a lessor needs to upkeep one hard wired smoke alarm in working order and within expiry, as wellas 2 RCD’s; one for lighting, one for power. Lessors are responsible to maintain their property which includes smoke alarms and RCD’sin working order. To know your property is compliant we offer acompliance check which ensures smoke alarms are within date, working and batteries are replaced free of charge. RCD’s are also required to respond within 300miliseconds which is tested using an electronic trip machine.


For a compliance inspection of RCD’s and smoke alarms along with a certificate emailed to you or your real estate can be completed for a reasonable price of $80 per property

It's the owners’ responsibility to ensure that smoke alarms are "maintained" as per section 38P of the Building Amendment Regulations 2009 of Western Australia and to ensure that smoke alarms work correctly and not expired.The Australian Wiring Rules requires RCD's to work correctly and trip within 300 milliseconds to prevent electrocution. iCheckit’s testing equipment measures this trip time to ensure compliance.

RCD’s monitor the flow of electricity from the main switchboard and prevent electrocution by cutting the electricity supply if an imbalance in the current is detected. This is where Legislation can catch you out! Yes, physically tripping the circuit by pushing the TEST button may show the RCD trips, but is it fast enough? That is where iCheckit's testing equipment will time and record how fast your RCD's trip and ensures your RCD's meet legislation. We also have the ability to keep the testing and recordings of each property on file for future use if they are needed.

New Regulations under the Electricity Act 1945 took effect 9th August 2009 requiring homes to have two RCD’s installed (one for lighting circuits and one for all power points) at the time the ownership is transferred. And from 9th August 2011 two RCD’s have to be installed in EVERY Tenanted residential property. From 1st October 2011 Smoke Alarms MUST be installed in all rental properties.

WHAT YOU GET? .......A compliance inspection of RCD’s and smoke alarms which is presented with a certificate attached to your invoice. For additional resources about our Compliance Checks please view these documents:

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