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Leakage Testing

The main cause of electrical switchboard fires are undetected hot spots. The Thermographic imaging service that we at iCheckit offer is all about being proactive and detecting early faults to save YOU any future unnecessary costs and equipment outages which impact your business. Electrical faults which could be identified prior to a switchboard explosion or an electrical fire occurs can only be the best form of preventative maintenance and cost saving.

We can repair any faults found if they are urgently needed, or simply can quote back and let you know our findings along with a detailed report and thermal images to illustrate exactly what is going on in your switchboard!

We not only offer electrical switchboard thermographic images but also offer a service to clients that require diagnostics to mechanical instruments and motors. Thermal Imaging can also be used for the detection of water leaks, heating and ventilation issues your business may be experiencing.

How can iCheckit thermal imaging help you? Well let me tell…

thermal imaging thermal imaging